Monday, December 20, 2010

Lots more Christmas Orders!!!!!

Christmas AND Texas A&M Theme Wreath for our good friends in Cypress!

8x10 with basic bow off to Georgia!! Thanks for the referral Gaynelle!

8x10 with basic bow as a teacher gift, apparently the teacher screamed with delight when it was given to her :)

11x14 WITH REAL BARB WIRE! I just love this one, the barb wire and burlap bow look perfect together!

8x10 UT canvas with basic bow, perfect for a college dorm room!

grapevine wreath with handpainted customized wooden plaques (I did this one for my mother in law for an early Christmasw present!)

4 1/2" wooden ovals, a girl I went to high school with ordered these for her day care class and I had to throw in an extra one for her sweet little girl, I couldn't let her buy one for everyone else and not have her own!

8x10 UT canvas with basic bow

Wooden magnet board (please excuse the mess in the background, I don't have a good place to photograph these yet and I was at my in laws working on crafts)

These boxes are simply AHHHH-MAZING! I love them! They have 5-6 different prints, feathers, ball feet, a big bow, a unique drawer pull and a vintage brooch to top it all off! They fit recipe cards, jewelry, knick knacks, change, makeup or anything you can think of! No two are the same and they can be done in any colors and themes

9x9 Glass block lamp with leapord theme!

16x20 wooden sign with nautical rope hanger, did this for one of my sorority sis' dads as a Christmas present, he owns a little lodge in Port A!

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