Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Memory Blocks

Some of these might be repeats, if so enjoy their cuteness all over again!

silver and blue snowflake memory block with swarovski crystals

Spider web halloween block

So I am retarded and all of these sold before I got pictures of them. From the left: Black and white diamond with feathers and fringe memory block, Giraffe print with ribbon and netting memory block, Pink and black family and friends theme memory block, Camo, pink and green and baby blue block, see other memory block posting for close ups and details.

Again, a few of these did not get individual shots before they sold, on the very left (not a good pic), small leapord print with ribbon and fringe block, Swirly cross with silk ribbon and fringe memory block, Football theme with 3D letters, others' details can be seen in previous memory block posting.

More Fabulous Picture Frames

Lotus 4x4 frame with swarovski crystals and pink peony

(Close up of peony, sorry the pic isn't great!) Lotus 4x4 frame with swarovski crystals and pink peony

Handpainted pink, brown and white bebe frame with 5x7 opening and brown silk bow

Handpainted Susan Komen awareness frame with 4x4 opening and pink silk ribbon

Black and damask silver 3D elements FAMILY frame with 3x3 opening and swarovski crystals

brown and blue polka dot frame with 4x6 opening and blue silk bow

Hair Bow Holder

I made this for my best friend's little girl to hold all the fab hair bows we have made for her. I also did one in pink, pearl white and brown for a friend's daughter's 3rd bday so be on the lookout for the pics of that soon.

This is an 8x10 and I can add more strands of ribbon if your little girl has alot of bows!

More Custom Canvases

Catching up on a few custom canvases we have made in the past few months.

I would never admit it to my hubby but I sure do love the way this Red Raider canvas came out. I might have to go back to the drawing board with our Texas A&M canvas and try some new things. This is a 12x12 canvas with basic ribbon

This is a 5x7 with fringey ribbon. Isabelle's mom sent me pics of her room and let me go and this was what I came up with. I just love the little butterfly in the corner.

Obviously this one is pretty old but since fall is almost here again it would be the perfect time to order. My hubby thought I was crzy when I started painting this one because the colors looked so wierd together but I love the way it turned out. This is an 8x10 with fringey ribbon

This was an order from Oma's Craft Fair in Boerne and I actually did matching ones for a set of sisters. Their grandmother bought them as Christmas gifts to go in their brand new house! One was done in pink and this was done in shades of purple. I can't seem to find the pink one but will post it when I find the pic. Just love these! 8x10 canvas with basic ribbon

This is a 5x7 with fringey ribbon

Ribbon Burp Cloths

These make getting spit up on down right glamorous! Let us know what color combination we can create for you! Get yours today to match your baby's room, your diaper bag, your fave color, or even your favorite team!

Hair Bows

This is sort of a new venture I am trying. My best friend had a little girl and so I have been helping her make bows. I of course, keep making this giant obnoxious and utterly adorable bows and so I have decided they are just too fabulous not to share with the rest of the world. I love making these and can do them in any color combo or to match an outfit so contact me to come up with your own precious bow! Oh and they don't have to be so giant, I can make basic simple bows or smaller versions of these as well. Enjoy!

Each of these are $15 (Sorry the black and pink one is sideways, it keeps loading that way)

Customized Ornaments

I looked high and low for a Christmas ornament for my son's first Christmas. However, I did this while doing 500 other crafts for Christmas and preparing to host not 1 but 2 family Christmases at our house. So, needless to say I did not have time to make one that I loved since I was unable to find one I liked. I have just gotten caught up and made one and I LOOOOOOVVVVE it! The pics don't do it justice. These would be great for a baby's first Christmas, newlywed's first Christmas, a special birthday, a monumental anniversary or just because you love them as much as I do!


Glass Block Lamps....perfect back to school gifts!

One of my sorority sisters contacted me a few weeks ago and had seen these glass blocks but had no idea what to do with one, she just knew she wanted her name on it and knew she could use the little bit of extra light to add a little ambience to her class room. So away I went and here is what I came up with. I LOOOOOOVE this and am planning to make a smaller version to use as a night light!

The block is about 9" square and is frosted and hand painted with feathers and ribbon. These can be completely customized for a holiday, with an inspirational quote, a name, a monogram, etc. etc. Hope ya'll love them!