Saturday, February 27, 2010

Custom Canvases

I just love this! This sign was given to a cute little girl to hang on a shelf in her room next to her brand new play kitchen set. So sweet! It's a 5x7.

This custom canvas was given as a gift to newlyweds! This canvas is an 11x14.

more to come......

Friday, February 26, 2010

A Few Custom Canvas Projects

Here are some more 5x7 canvases. I did the birth announcement for my son's room and the Always Kiss Me Goodnight canvas hangs on the doorknob. The pink and green canvas was a custom order for a sweet little girl I met at the St. Francis of the Assisi craft bazzar. She paid with her own allowance money! I did special silver paint on her name to make it super girly!

This was another custom order from the Oma's Craft fair in Boerne. It was done to match a high school student's newly re-done orange and purple room. Her name is Rachel so she had me put that in the corner and then put her nick name on the main part. I did orange lettering and silver over it to add a little bling. Although it is not the norm for colors, it was alot of fun to do knowing it would hang on her door! This is an 8x10.

College Welcome Sign

I usually keep a holiday welcome sign up for whatever holiday is closest but I decided I wanted just a general sign for those few times during the year when it is kind of far between holidays. So I decided to do a college sign for my hubby's alma mater, Texas A & M. We can do any college you would like and we could do stripes or solids or whatever you can think of in the background. We also could do it without the girly swirl box around it as well. This is a 12x12 canvas. (Also notice my Shh....Little One Sleeping 8x10 sign on the other side of the door, it has worked wonderfully to keep people from ringing the door bell!)

Belated Holiday Goodies

I know this post is a little belated but if you are like Tammy and me you decorate for every holiday and we can make these for any season!

These are 8x10 canvases. We have been experimenting with different styles of polka dots so Tammy did one with overlapping polka dots and little dots around them on the top canvas. On the middle one I did varying sizes of polka dots and small dots around each one. Look around at some of our other postings for other new designs.

This is a swag I made for my front door. It has swirly ting tangs sticking out of the top and bottom, varying sizes of shatter proof Christmas ornaments, a ribbon to hang from on the top and a big bow in the middle. We could also add some ornaments in the middle of the ribbon such as an initial or something sentimental to you to customize it further. I can do these in any color but they do take some time and effort to ge the correct ornaments so I would need a month or two's notice before Christmas to get one to you at the begining of December. A custom swag is $50 or if you need more than one we can probably work out a discount so just contact us!

I have posted these before, but this shows them on my tree. These are the naughty and nice 5x7 canvases.

This is a 12x12 canvas and again can be personalized with any colors, names, etc. etc. (You get it, haha!)

Twin girls' room signs

These turned out soooo cute. I am way behind on posting, the holidays really did a number on my time schedule. I made these for a girlfriend whose twins got baptized. We weren't able to make it so I wanted to make sure I sent a gift for such a memorable and joyous occasion. These are on 5x7 canvases. As always, we can do any names, quotes, colors, themes, etc. If you look closely I did polka dots in the background on one and stripes on the other so they would be just a little different.