Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More Memory Blocks

Some of these might be repeats, if so enjoy their cuteness all over again!

silver and blue snowflake memory block with swarovski crystals

Spider web halloween block

So I am retarded and all of these sold before I got pictures of them. From the left: Black and white diamond with feathers and fringe memory block, Giraffe print with ribbon and netting memory block, Pink and black family and friends theme memory block, Camo, pink and green and baby blue block, see other memory block posting for close ups and details.

Again, a few of these did not get individual shots before they sold, on the very left (not a good pic), small leapord print with ribbon and fringe block, Swirly cross with silk ribbon and fringe memory block, Football theme with 3D letters, others' details can be seen in previous memory block posting.

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